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Newton is a teaching institution focused on early childhood education. Founded in 2002 as an international preschool, Newton, formerly known as ELFA, was relocated to Bayside, Suzhou and changed its name to its present name in 2006. Suzhou was in its critical period of development for an export-oriented economy between 2000 and 2010. With a commitment to offer quality early childhood education to children from all around the world, Newton accepted students from over 30 countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, filling the gap in early childhood education at that time. Through years of practice and efforts, Newton has been gaining remarkable achievements through its management team, teaching staff, and social resources, making it a quintessential international kindergarten that can meet the demands of both domestic and foreign parents with its premium brand and superior service in early childhood education. With a focus on the essence of education and a global vision, Newton has become an early childhood education provider widely recognized in the community.

Our History

2002 Establishment of Suzhou ELFA International Childrens’ Place. It was the most popular preschool among Suzhou expat families.
2006 Relocated ELFA to Bayside and changed its name to Newton. Newton Kindergarten Bayside campus was the first private kindergarten to be licensed to hire foreign teachers in Suzhou. It received the title of Jiangsu Province Outstanding Kindergarten in 2010. Bayside has always known as a warm and energetic campus.


Core Values

Openness 、Proactivity 、Kindness 、Contribution
Openness: As many unknowns exist for us to explore, such as where the edge of the universe lies, we are faced with many hard choices. For instance, what is more important, your job or your family? There are also many difficult questions to ponder. What truly is the meaning of life? Maintaining an openness to unknowns, uncertainties, and the future can make us less feared, hesitant and flinched, while maintaining an openness to knowledge and experience can make us more enterprisi...


Education Philosophy

Exploration: Exploration gives young children opportunities to enrich their life. Exploration gives allows young children to interact with the real and natural world, be inspired and discover independently.
Play: Play helps children to develop their self-identity, shape their character, and build their skills. In addition, it helps them to promote their physical and mental health, satisfy their curiosity and desire to learn, and develop their ability to think, create, and express. Furthermore, it helps them learn


Vision for the Next Decade

As a teaching institution focused on early childhood education, Newton’s mission is to nurture the young generation for the future. We will be open to the unknowns and the future, contribute to society, build a corporate culture encouraging mutual respect and trust, and represent a teaching institution of goodwill and integrity.








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Newton ECO

Ecological education and environmental awareness is a core value at Newton kindergartens. Since the beginning, recycling and the re-use of materials for arts projects has been a consistent part of our educational program. However, in 2011 we founded a relationship with a Scandinavian company from Finland which specialize in home-gardening and composting. Biolan helped set-up recycling centers, waste management, composting machines and garden beds at all our campus' and serves as one of the key "Friends of Newton". ...



At Newton we believe in surrounding children's with real objects, made out of identifiable materials such as wooden panels in the class-room and pottery/chinaware for meal times. On our play-grounds you will find real grass, trees and wooden play equipment along with sand, soil and water activity areas.Students and teachers help take care of our environment and the plants both inside and outside our class-rooms, by watering them and giving sunshine. In spring time K1 & K2 levels sow and take care of cucumber, tomat...



Each class is equipped with the newest water filtration and purification machines. Drinking water is clean, natural and ecological sustainable. Wash area's and bathrooms are equipped with eco friendly toilets, water tabs and sinks to save the amount of water needed for every flush or rinse. As an educational principle, we collect rainwater in our water lined garden beds and explore water, in the canals and ponds around campus. As something new students at Hui Xin campus and Zhangjiagang have raincoats and rain boo...



By utilizing high quality construction materials and energy friendly windows and doors, we effectively limit the power consumption of our campus' while featuring some of the largest outside areas and playgrounds of any kindergarten. Our gardens are full of plants, trees and bushes which we care for with pride. In the class-rooms we use fresh air systems, with HEPA and CO2 filters, which remove germs and PM2.5 particles inside. In the Pre-nursery class-rooms we additionally use biological sealed diaper pails to limi...



At the campus' constructed by the Newton Educational group we use market leading insulation materials and efficient floor-heating systems to give a nice and balanced warmth in the class-rooms, while featuring imported doors and high quality sealed windows, which help to keep the classes warm in winter and cool in summer, with limited energy waste.From an educational perspective, we teach children to remember to close doors and windows to limit energy waste and to close electrical appliances when not in use. The bas...



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